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Large Group Setup DiagramSong Manager - Cloud Setup

The Song Manager is "Cloud Aware" is - by this we mean that the software has been designed to cope with some of the complexities caused by saving the data on a cloud storage area of your hard drive.

Typically cloud storage solutions like Dropbox and Sky Drive will detect and cope with multiple computers making changes to the same file from different computers. Song Manager helps to avoid clashes in file names and conflict resolution by using file names that include the computer name for things like log file. You can also specify different parts of data be stored in different locations by using the User-Setup tool.


By running the user setup tool (available from the Windows Start Menu) you can tell Song Manager where you want various file types and databases stored.

Set the main database folder to the location you want to store all the data by default - this can be a cloud storage folder, networkf folder or local storage.

You can override any of the folder groups and database localtion by ticking the checkbox and entering or selecting the folder you wish to store the data in.

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