Song Manager – Small Group Setup

Song Manager works really well for the worship leader in a small group setup. What is needed is a single laptop and a large screen TV or portable projector.

Connection and Setup

  • Connect your laptop to your TV or projector using the VGA or HDMI cable (or whatever connection your TV/projector/laptop combination has)
  • Setup the second screen in extended desktop mode
    • Windows 7 & 8 – use Windows Key + P and select extended
    • In Windows XP use the screen settings
  • Run the Song Slave module
    • Select the desired profile – a large print profile is generally best for words
    • Drag the window to the second display (TV / Projector)
      • Move the mouse over the title bar of the window
      • Hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse off the side of the main display and onto the extended display
      • Let go of the left mouse button to stop dragging
    • Double click anywhere in the Song Slave to toggle full-screen mode
  • Run the Song Leader module
  • Load a song set or insert a song.
  • Select a song and the second screen should display the words usings the selected display profile.

Hints and Suggestions

  • The Song Manager modules remember where they were last placed on the screen and try to restore themselves to the same position. If they cannot (perhaps the second screen is not connected or has changed size) they will default to the main screen.
  • Why not connect a USB foot switch to make selecting a song a hands-free process
  • Try out the Block mode in the Song Leader / Song Slave combination
    • In the Song Slave module right click with the mouse and tick Block Mode from the popup module (only active when enabled in Song Leader)

    • In the Song Leader module click on the Mode button on the control bar to toggle between Song mode and Block mode

    • Now press the space bar or arrow keys to move to the next song / block.
      • In Song mode the next/previous song selection is selected
      • In Block mode the next/previous block of the song is selected according to the sequence set
  • Press the Esc / Escape key or click/touch Clear Text to remove the text from the displays
  • Press the Esc / Escape key twice or click/touch Blackout to make the displays go black
  • Trying using Manual Update Mode to preview songs without the text appearing on the Song Slave display
    • Press the F9 key or click/touch the Updates button to toggle between automatic and manual update mode
      • Auto Mode – song selection is automatically sent to the Song Slave module
      • Manual Mode – song selection is only sent to the Song Slave module when
        • The Enter key is pressed
        • Auto Mode is selected
    • Press the F9 key or click/touch the Updates button again to toggle back to automatic update mode if desired