Presenter Follower

Presenter Follower is a follower module of the Song Manager suite intended to be used in conjunction with 3rd-party presentation software such as EasyWorship or ProPresenter. This would only be used when the Presenter module included with Song Manager does not have the desired functionality.

As can be seen from the screenshot (right) PresenterFollower will highlight which song the leader is currently using, and like the SongFollower and SongSlave modules will highlight the verse the leader is going back to.

PresenterFollower provides some options to make life easier for the operator.

Copy song text and information

Right clicking on a song will allow the text to be copied to the clipboard. This makes it very quick to import a new song into the presentation software you are using. There is also an option to view/and copy the song information (author, copyright, etc)

Save song as file

This option allows the song to be saved as file for easy import into your presentation software. Several formats are supported.

Auto-save songs as temporary files

For presentation software which uses files in folders as a source there is an option to have the software auto-save all files loaded from the leader in a folder specified by the operator. The files will be automatically removed when:

  • The software exits
  • The leader clears the songset
  • The leader removes the song

Remember Last Window Position

The software will automatically remember the last position / size it was displayed in and return there for the next run.