Song Co-Leader

Song Co-Leader is a cross between a Song Follower and a Song Leader. It is designed to allow multiple leaders to co-operate in the control of a song set. It is dependent on the function being enabled in the SongLeader module which can be done from the top button bar or via the F7 function key. It’s function is very similar to the Song Leader so is not described in great detail here. Relevant commands are transmitted to the leader which in turn transmits them to all the followers.

Song CoLeader

As you will see from the screenshot the screen is divided into three basic sections:

  • Control
  • Song List
  • Song Display

The software uses a custom menu system using simple buttons for functions which makes it very easy to use this module with a touchscreen or mouse. In addition there are some easy shortcut keys which allow quick control from a keyboard.

Song List

The left hand panel shows the list of songs for the current song set. There is one large button for each song showing the song title and the key. When the leader touches or clicks the song button, or selects a song with the keyboard controls it is loaded and displayed in the Song Display. Followers will be automatically updated with the change.

Song Display

The song display shows the currently selected song or will be blank. When a song is selected it will be displayed so that it fits entirely within the screen size if possible. This is achieved using a combination of font size reduction and the use of multiple display columns.

If you click on a section of a song it will be highlighted on the leader and all follower screens. This can be useful if you want to perform an unscheduled repeat of a section. The highlight fades away after a short delay, which is configurable in the Display Profile Editor

Control Section

At the top of the screen is a row of control buttons, these are in place of the normal windows menu that you might expect. The control buttons are split into sections for:

Song Set ManagementThis section of the control bar allows song sets to be modified by transmitting commands to the Song Leader.

Add Song – Add a song to the end of the list from either the song database or a file
Delete Song – Delete the currently selected song
Transpose, Capo and TempoThis section allows keys to be changed up or down. When displaying chords the capo position can be moved up or down. The followers will automatically receive transpose updates but NOT capo updates.
General ControlsThis section allows easy access to other functions.

Select Profile
Selecting this shows a list of profiles which can be applied to the song display area. The actual profile list will vary according to the loaded profiles. A number of profiles are supplied by default.

This section consists of a single button which controls whether or not updates are sent to the followers. When green updates are sent to the followers automatically for every change. Press this button to toggle the auto-updates status to manual. In manual mode you must press the enter key to send out a status change to the followers.

Hint: As a leader it can be useful to click through songs when trying to decide what song to sing next. Turning off auto-updates temporarily can save a lot of updates on the follower screens.

Clear Text
Clicking on this button clears the text from the screen. Pressing Esc from the keyboard performs this function. Pressing Esc a second time causes a blackout (see below).

Clicking on this button blacks out the screen. Pressing Esc twice or pressing F12 from the keyboard performs this function