Song Projector

Song Projector is a special follower module of the Song Manager suite for display of words to an audience allowing for words to overlaid on top of background images or colours. It is intended for use in situations where it is not practical and/or appropriate to have an independent projection operator using the Presenter module.

It is highly useful for small gatherings, house groups, house churches, choir practices, etc.

Song Projector is an enhanced version of the Song Slave module and automatically keeps in step with the Song Leader using smart networking technology.

Song Display

The song display shows the currently selected song, section or will be blank dependent on the current state of the SongLeader. When a song or block is selected it will be displayed so that it fits entirely within the screen size if possible. This is achieved using a combination of font size reduction and the use of multiple display columns.

Each song can have individual display properties, such as fonts and backgrounds. In addition the normal blackout screen and no-text screens can be changed to display specific backgrounds.