Song Slave

Song Slave is a follower module of the Song Manager suite intended to be used by the band members where no control is needed. It is basically the same as the Song Display Area found in the Song Leader and Song Follower modules. making it very easy for band members to change from leader to follower and vice versa. It automatically keeps in step with the Song Leader using smart networking technology but allows some control over the song display.

Song Display

The song display shows the currently selected song or will be blank. When a song is selected it will be displayed so that it fits entirely within the screen size if possible. This is achieved using a combination of font size reduction and the use of multiple display columns.

If the leader selected a section of a song it will be highlighted on the leader and all follower screens. This can be useful if the leader wants to perform an unscheduled repeat of a section. The highlight fades away after a short delay, which is configurable in the Display Profile Editor