Song Viewer

SongViewer is a module that is used to view and print songs in multiple formats from the same file. The available styles are:

  • Normal – normal print, no chords
  • Chords – normal print with chords
  • Large – Large print, no chords

The display style can be selected by clicking on the relevent style button:

Displaying Guitar Chords

If chords have been saved in the song clicking on the Chords style button displays guitar chords.

The chords are displayed above each line. The overall key can be changed using the transpose buttons and the capo position can be moved up and down using the capo buttons.


The song will be printed in the currently selected style by pressing on the print button.

Copying Text

If you wish to copy the text into another application, e.g. Notepad or MS Word select Copy song text to clipboard from the Edit menu.