The Song Manager software contains a number of software modules which all link together to form a unique software offering. The following table outlines the available modules, all of which come as standard with the software. Click on the module name for more information on the module.


Song Leader
The primary module used by the worship or band leader. Used for preparation, practice and live performance.

Song CoLeader
A module used by a second worship or band leader in a collaborative leading session. This module is typically used only for practice and live performance.

Song Follower
The primary module used by the musician, singer or band member. Follows the leader in real time allowing local overrides for capo, transpose. Supports multiple display formats using display profiling.

Song Slave
A less sophisticated follower which allows selection of display profile only. No controls for overriding capo and transpose making it ideal for singers.

Song Projector
A module designed for projecting complete songs on a large monitor or digital projector. It allows for backgrounds and font styles to be varied on a song-by-song basis. It is designed specifically for operation in small groups or where no projector operator (via Presenter or similar) is available.

Song Editor
A specialised editor designed to make it easy to edit songs. Links with the Song Leader and Song Database Manager or can work stand alone.

Song Viewer
A standalone viewer for song files which allows viewing and printing of songs in 3 display categories: Normal, Large Print and Chords

A full presentation system allows display of songs, text items, bible verses and images on multiple screens.

Presenter Follower
A simple follower that can be used in conjunction with other projection software such as EasyWorship or ProPresenter. Follows the Song Leader selection and allows copying of song text for easy importing into your other projection software.

Song Database Manager
A tool for managing the database of songs that you generate with Song Manager. Allows importing of songs from other formats.

Bible Database Manager
A tool for managing the database of bibles. Can install bibles from various formats.

Display Profile Editor
A tool for creating and editing the display profiles used by the Song Manager modules to change how songs are displayed on the screen.