Follower Role

The Song Manager software is divided into three primary roles (leader, follower and projection) with each role having a number of supporting software modules.


The follower role allows a musician, singer or other band member to:

  • Auto-connect to the leader using smart network discovery (no complicated setup needed)
  • Auto-download the entire song set
  • Use display profiles to determine how a song is displayed
  • Override display settings using local transpose or guitar capo settings
  • Receive live updates from the leader
  • Control when and how updates are displayed

There are two primary modules used by the band member:

  • Song Follower – allows the band member to control what is displayed and make adjustments on screen
  • Song Slave – gives the band member no controls, simply displays the current song selected by the leader – typically used by singers.

Small Groups

The follower role allows the song manager to be used in a small group context using the Song Projector module without the need for someone to operate a computer for words projection. This module will connect in the same way as the Song Follower and Song Slave modules but simply display just the words of the leaders currently selected song. Song Projector allows for “nice” projection allowing the words to be displayed over background images.

Intuitive Design

The Song Manager software is designed to be as intuitive as possible and very easy to use. So many of the modules use a touchscreen friendly design making it easy to use with or without a mouse, or just a keyboard.