Leader Role

The Song Manager software is divided into three primary roles (leader, follower and projection) with each role having a number of supporting software modules.

The leader role allows the worship or band leader to

  • Prepare song sets
    • Create and edit songs
    • Add songs to the list
    • Set keys and tempo
    • Reorder songs using keyboard or mouse
  • Lead in both practice and performance (with realtime replication to band and projection)
    • Select songs
    • Transpose
    • Add, Delete, Edit and Reorder songs
    • Change keys and tempos
  • View and print songs

There are several modules that might be used by the leader:

  • Song Leader – the primary leader software module allowing creation of song sets with realtime replication to the band and projection systems
  • Song CoLeader – a special leader module allowing co-leading in conjunction with a Song Leader module
  • Song Editor – a special editor designed specifically to enable easy editing of song. A version of this is embedded into the Song Leader module
  • Song Viewer – a module for viewing and printing songs

Intuitive Design

The Song Manager software is designed to be as intuitive as possible and very easy to use. So many of the modules use a touchscreen friendly design making it easy to use with or without a mouse, or just a keyboard.