Projection Role

The Song Manager software is divided into three primary roles (leader, follower and projection) with each role having a number of supporting software modules.

The projection role allows the words of a song to be projected on one or more screens for a congregation or audience. Song Manager comes complete with its own presentation software (Presenter) which allows:

  • Auto-connection to the leader using smart network discovery (no complicated setup needed)
  • Auto-download the entire song set
  • Receive live updates from the leader as to song selection, including addition and deletion of songs
  • Display items
    • Song words
    • Bible verses
    • Images

If you already have presentation software such as EasyWorship, ProPresenter (or one of the many other options available) you can use the Presenter Follower module to:

  • See the current song list
  • See the currently selected song
  • Copy/paste text into your presentation software from the songs for easy integration

Intuitive Design

The Song Manager software is designed to be as intuitive as possible and very easy to use. So many of the modules use a touchscreen friendly design making it easy to use with or without a mouse, or just a keyboard.