Song Manager Title

Song Manager - Leader Role

The Song Manager software is divided into three primary roles (leader, band and projection) with each role having a number of supporting software modules.

The leader role allows the worship or band leader to

  • Prepare song sets
    • Create and edit songs
    • Add songs to the list
    • Set keys and tempo
    • Reorder songs using keyboard or mouse
  • Practice and performance (with realtime replication to band and projection)
    • Select songs
    • Transpose
    • Add, Delete, Edit and Reorder songs
    • Change keys and tempos
  • View and print songs

There are several modules that might be used by the leader:

  • Song Leader - the primary leader software module allowing creation of song sets with realtime replication to the band and projection systems
  • Song Slave - can be used by the leader to give a slave display from their computer - great for small group settings.
  • Song Editor - a special editor designed specifically to enable easy editing of song. Can be run from within the leader software, song manager or standalone.
  • Song Viewer - a module for viewing and printing songs

The Song Manager software is designed to be as intuitive as possible and very easy to use. So many of the modules use a touchscreen friendly design making it easy to use with or without a mouse, or just a keyboard.

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