Song Manager Title

Song Manager - Projection Role

The Song Manager software is divided into three primary roles (leader, band and projection) with each role having a number of supporting software modules.

The projection role allows the words of a song to be projected on one or more screens for a congregation or audience. Song Manager comes complete with its own presentation software (Presenter) which allows:

  • Auto-connect to the leader using smart network discovery (no complicated setup needed)
  • Auto-download the entire song set
  • Receive live updates from the leader as to song selection
  • Display items
    • Song words
    • Bible verses
    • Images
    • Videos
    • Powerpoint (Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer must be installed)

If you already have presentation software such as EasyWorship or ProPresenter you can use the PresenterFollower module to:

  • See the current song list
  • See the currently selected song
  • Copy/paste text into your presentation software

The Song Manager software is designed to be as intuitive as possible and very easy to use. So many of the modules use a touchscreen friendly design making it easy to use with or without a mouse, or just a keyboard.

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